This zest I always possess

a glee to my adventurous heart

amongst the hills in Wildlife Nature of Nepal

I feel like home on this geographic, serene place.


I have peregrinated to all corners of the world

Yes, to the five continents, America ( North-South )

Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia

never have I found this tiny Spiny Babbler, the cutest songbird

unique,  only here to find, this high quality bird is one of a kind

I feel like home in this Wildlife Nature of Nepal.


I found peace and serenity

I feel me uplifted as soon as the Spiny Babbler starts to sing

Amongst the wealth of Wildlife Nature of Nepal

I have found my home in these friendliest surroundings

nowhere to find in no other national parks

only in the Wildlife Nature of Nepal.


© Sylvia Frances Chan

World Traveler – Poetess