The ever sweet sound

on Chomolungma bound

that sweetest song I ever heard

it’s the voice of the tiny loveliest bird on earth.


I were as if obsessed

by this personal’s manifest,


each time I entered this serene immense garden

that friendliest wide vast most beautiful

a great diversity of flora and fauna to be found

and that clear loudest song of the tiny bird

It can only be found amongst these hills

of the fascinating Wildlife Nature of Nepal.


Amongst untrodden paths amongst these peaceful hills

that bird so beautiful I was following

I walk on quietly amongst the many

fascinating flowers and trees to watch

not just an immense super garden, but realize

this is the window of the world, baby, in top size


I am amidst this most precious fauna

and the great diversity of flora.


Of all those gardens on this earth

that tiny singing bird kept calling to me

it is the Spiny Babbler that could sing

like I have never heard on this crowded earth

so tremendously beautiful, so crystal clearest

this tiny singing bird made me feel to love this place as the dearest

that crystal clearest and loveliest sound

made me feel like home.


Amongst the rich green valleys and the wealthy hills

of the fantastic Wildlife nature of Nepal

with its beauty and so much diversity

in flora and fauna,

especially the Spiny Babbler

Nowhere on this crowded earth to find

only here, that loveliest bird is one of a kind


I have traveled all over the world

such a most beautiful singing bird unique in its kind

to be found only on this special ground

of Wildlife Nature of Nepal abound.



The World Traveler – Poetess

© Sylvia Frances Chan

Photograph: Sagar Giri, Wildlife Photographer