Ode to the fascinating Wildlife Nature of Nepal

Finally, she has found her home,

a most beautiful, gigantic paradise-alike dome

the loveliest ground she had discovered

after so many years of having traveled.


So many loveliest flowers to be found

a diversity of rare flora and fauna abound

many butterflies are enjoying

the coolness of the myriad trees

the Spiny Babbler are oft singing

amidst these anchored hills of exciting

Wildlife Nature of Nepal.


The fresh air of the summer heat

are flowing through the myriad fields

through smallest paths, holes, and gaps

such a smooth weather, sweetest scents

is she or am I on Nirvana’s ground perhaps?


And what is cozier on this planet

then to listen to the song of this small bird

on the Fascinating Wildlife of Nepal´s immense ground

serene, loveliest and so peaceful

amongst these hills so beautiful

the musical performance of the Spiny Babbler

only to be found in the Wildlife Nature of Nepal!


I have traveled everywhere on this globe

scattered on the five continents

but this tiny beautiful songbird, the Spiny Babbler

is unique, only to be found and heard here

amongst the green hills of

the fascinating Wildlife Nature of Nepal.


© Sylvia Frances Chan

The World Traveler – Poetess