Butterfly Conservation Initiation In Institute of Forestry,Pokhara

Butterfly plays an important role as a member of food chain. Role play as a prey ensures survival of birds, insects, herpetofauna etc. Birds select high food availability area and presence of butterfly ensures quality food to birds. It is found that the favorable habitat for butterfly also favors other invertebrates. Being a vital component absence of it deteriorates whole food chain and decide the lifespan of other species of same food chain. This relation check and balance population of interlinked species. Butterfly can’t survive in polluted and destructed habitat. So, it plays the indicator role of healthy ecosystem. For the evaluation and monitoring of habitat condition butterfly abundance is the easy, quick and scientific method which is frequently used. Naturally occurring important process, pollination is carried out by different pollinator and one of them is butterfly. This helps in plant fertilization and continuation of plant generation. Butterfly inputs in plants conservation and in return it is saving its own habitat. Few works were done in some potential sites of country but many sites are virgin. Conservation   measure is not taken yet.

A group of Student in Institute of Forestry, Pokhara have initiated Butterfly monitoring and identification program. As the concern over conservation of Butterfly is very less, this steps can somehow aid in the conservation of Butterfly. This group have informed that they would be conducting “Butterfly Identification training” very soon to familiarize young conservationist with diversity of Butterfly. Free search method is used to understand their status and diversity. Hope this type of conservation action will inspire Nepal.